Interview : Chalet Sisimiut, an eccentric jewel in Courchevel

Discover the enchanting and lively décor of Chalet Sisimiut, Candice Pinoncely and Marc Lazzaroni's family project in Courchevel.
Interview : Chalet Sisimiut, an eccentric jewel in Courchevel
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Nestled in Courchevel 1550 village, in the heart of the French mountains, lies an exceptional property that is quite a contrast to its traditional neighbours. And yet, Chalet Sisimiut is brimming with authenticity. Inside, discover a world of fantasy details, colours, materials and spaces that tell stories reminiscent of the most beautiful mountain legends. Discover the extraordinary project of Candice Pinoncely and Marc Lazzaroni, lovers of snow and of the art of sharing, and explore Chalet Sisimiut, one of our most beautiful homes, in this interview. 


In the beginning, there was Marc Lazzaroni, a native of Courchevel who turned his passion for skiing into his profession. Now a mountain guide, he roams the most beautiful ski slopes in the world much to the delight of his clients. Candice Pinoncely comes from a family of ski enthusiasts, is originally from Saint-Etienne and has been a regular visitor of the resort since she was a child. The two aficionados met in 2007, marking the beginning of a new adventure in Courchevel.

Candice settled down with Marc, and together they travel and run a travel agency that will allow them to share their passion with others and help their clients travel all over the world. This passion for sharing would lead them to the amazing project they would later embark on together. 






The origin of this exceptional project is a piece of land belonging to Marc's family. The 1600m2 area only housed an old barn and a small vegetable garden. At first, the couple considered using the space as an office for Candice and a place where they could invite family and friends. Over time, the desire to let others discover these mountains so dear to their hearts and to pass on their vision of this thrilling life became irresistible and the hamlet was expanded.

On this plot of land that was initially without electricity or water, one, two and then three chalets were built. Today, Marc's son, Harrison Lazzaroni, has joined them in the adventure and is the caretaker of the chalets. He is always working hard to fulfil the guests' wishes and desires. 




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The first chalet is Ilulissat. The couple felt it was paramount that the chalet blend into the mountain landscape. Hence, they decided to keep the traditional Swiss sheepfold spirit of the wooden barn while adding a modern extension in stone. This blend of tradition and modernity was later adopted by all the chalets in the hamlet.

Ilulissat, Ikamut and Sisimiut may not sound familiar to most of us, and there is a good reason why. The couple chose these names as a subtle tribute to Greenland. It is a country they are particularly fond of, where they take their clients every year to discover the most beautiful ski runs in the world, magnificent nature, an avalanche of thrills and amazing experiences. 



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"The names we gave to our chalets reflect the soul of the country that has captivated and fascinated us so deeply.”

The chalets built by Candice and Marc in partnership with their architect friend Olivier Gay are far from the standards and trends of Courchevel. The chalets built by Candice and Marc in partnership with their architect friend Olivier Gay are far from the standards and trends of Courchevel. They are brimming with love, emotions, boundless ideas and sheer magic.  From the moment you step into the hamlet, the life-size horse lamp sets the tone. Here, the mountains take on a very different look. Everywhere you look abounds in carefully chosen details, inviting guests into a world of discovery and relaxation.

The owners have let themselves be guided by the stunning scenery all around, the ageless forests and the towering mountains. All the chalets offer exceptional views of the omnipresent nature. This is the perfect setting to feel closer to the elements, to return to basics as you cosy up in a secret cocoon after a long day on the slopes or in the bustling village of Courchevel 1850

"We treated each chalet as if it were a home for family and friends".





The second born of the hamlet, Chalet Sisimiut, has proved to be a great challenge for Candice and Marc, who are used to smaller spaces. Still, the generous proportions of this 400m2 property become an exciting playground for the couple. The large living rooms are overflowing with scenography, blends and ideas. Raw wood and fine materials come together with eccentric fluorescent colours, floral wallpaper patterns and a plethora of paintings and pieces found on their travels around the world.

"The magic that happens here is beyond me"

Decoration allows Candice to reveal her sincere and authentic nature. Each of the 5 rooms has its own atmosphere and theme. First, there is the igloo room, dressed all in white. First, there is the igloo room, dressed all in white and featuring raw materials. Next comes the charming Swiss alpine chalet style room, and the forest room featuring a triumphant deer head. Last but not least come the two ski-inspired rooms. One is modern and the other is a glimpse of 1950s Courchevel. Everywhere you look, ideas are taken to the next level. From the bedding, to the faucets, the décor elements, and the materials used, a night at Chalet Sisimiut chalet is a journey into a delightful and sophisticated universe. 

"I wanted the chalet to evoke the excitement of a child"



Chalet Sisimiut is also a chance for the couple to return to the Courchevel of their childhood. For Candice, this starts at the chalet's indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Here you can admire the view of the mountains and enjoy the snow falling softly on your shoulders as you swim in the warm, clear water just like the one that once existed in the village. 

Inside, gather with family and friends at the bar or by the fire. This cosy, intimate hideaway holds countless surprises for a truly unforgettable stay and a unique experience in the Alps. 

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