Chalet Otoctone: An Insider’s Guide to Mont-Blanc

Discover the story behind the construction of a beautiful Chalet at the foot of Mont Blanc. Strap on your skis and hit the slopes at Chalet Otoctone!
Chalet Otoctone: An Insider’s Guide to Mont-Blanc
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Just outside Megève, the village of Combloux is a tranquil refuge at the foot of Mont Blanc. A drive through this charming town will transport you to another world in the beauty of the French Alps. At the heart of a secluded ski area, this luxury holiday destination is straight out of a vintage postcard! Marvel at the beautiful period houses surrounding the snow-covered belfry of the village church and enjoy the peace and quiet of the small streets, only disturbed by the cheerful small talk from the local bakery. Breathe in the refreshing chill of the crisp mountain air, unlike anywhere else in the world.

Minutes from the centre of Combloux, in the heart of a charming hamlet, you’ll find Galina Bonard waiting at Chalet Otoctone. As manager of the chalet, she was kind enough to host us and share the history of this special place.


At first glance, the traditional Savoyard architecture of this alpine refuge appears as though its wooden walls and slate chimney have been overlooking the mountains for decades. However, Galina Bonard tells us with a smile that the Chalet has in fact been built recently! In order to preserve its charm, the village of Combloux follows very strict town planning guidelines. Responsible for bringing this unparalleled house to life, the architecture firm Mégevan Chatron-Michaud took up the challenge of reconciling traditional elegance with modern construction techniques. Out of respect for tradition, the entirety of Chalet Otoctone has been assembled with reclaimed wood, and its sloping roof is a nod to the traditional farmhouses of the region.


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Still, this endeavour posed a second challenge: to create a warm and inviting ambience within the eight split levels of the chalet. For this, the owners trusted the Megève Design firm, with the goal of making it a family living space. Absolutely everything has been elegantly designed in a way that allows everyone to feel at home.

Throughout the design process, more than 50 plans were proposed. “Above all, we wanted to allow our guests to disconnect completely, to stop time and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life.” The choice of materials played a crucial role, especially the fabrics which run throughout the chalet. From the braided headboards to the linen cushions and heavy cotton curtains, each material has been carefully selected to provide comfort and promote tranquillity.

Both a luxurious retreat and a haven for simple living, Chalet Otoctone is its own little world. After a long day on the slopes, there is nothing more soothing than a moment of relaxation in the house's spa, where dimmed lights and warm wooden walls lead to the massage and wellness room. When evening comes, it's time to gather the whole family in the large living room for an aperitif, where laughter and stories are exchanged by the light of the wood-burning fireplace. After a dinner made by the in-house chef, settle in for a film in the velvet-lined home theatre and snuggle up under a warm blanket.


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Chalet Otoctone reflects the natural beauty of Combloux, perched in the majesty of the snowy peaks. Here, everything works in harmony with the environment of the Alps. Watch the chef prepare regional dishes with bear garlic, mountain ash, and alpine rumex to taste the spirit of the mountains. Walk in the snowy fields of a nearby farm to discover the origins of the local products you will enjoy on your plate. Ecology is at the heart of Otoctone, explains Galina Bonard, "it's about wrapping our guests in a bubble of tranquillity so that everyone can find themselves."

Just beyond the enchanting village of Combloux, you can see Mont Blanc through the mist. Even in the cold, you will be warmed by the memories you make here. While some houses lead you to adventure, Chalet Otoctone brings you back to yourself, the perfect place to stay on your luxury France holiday.

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Galina Bonard’s Suggestions:

  • Have a locally sourced dinner prepared by the chef
  • Go on a foraging walk to native plants
  • Take a stroll in the fields of Combloux farm
  • Enjoy an aperitif with friends at the Dandy bar
  • Taste traditional dishes at Coin Savoyard

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