The best things to do in St Tropez, France

Whether you are a night owl or a gourmet, a lover of laziness or an avid adventurer, the mythical St Tropez is never short of ideas.
The best things to do in St Tropez, France
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St Tropez. Everybody knows this emblematic village, its houses with colourful shutters and its endless beaches. Whether you are a passionate night owl or a gourmet, a lazy lover or an avid adventurer, this mythical destination is never short of ideas. Discover eight of the best things to do in St Tropez, France. It is doubtlessly one of the finest luxury holiday destinations in Europe and a must-see part of the French Riviera. 

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Things to do in St Tropez for those who are nostalgic

You only have to evoke St Tropez to travel back in time. You can already hear Brigitte Bardot humming the air of the Madrague on the beach of Pampelonne… Going on holiday in St Tropez is like rediscovering the carefree spirit of the end of the sixties.

1. Have a coffee at Cafe Sénéquier

It is impossible to spend a holiday in St Tropez without drinking a coffee on the bright red terrace of Sénéquier. It is the mythical place par excellence. You come here to have breakfast while watching the parade of sailboats in the old port - those who leave the ramparts, after a long evening, and those who come to moor, just in time for the end of the market.


2. Partying on the sand of Pampelonne

St Tropez holidays would not be complete without a day trip to Pampelonne beach and its mythical beach clubs. Go there at the end of the afternoon to enjoy the gentle late afternoon sunshine and relax at the legendary Club 55, which is as part of the area's folklore as And God Created Woman.

Start with a cocktail, admiring the sunset, then continue the evening until the early morning. With your feet in the sand and your head in the stars, this is how you party in St Tropez.


Things to do in St Tropez for fine gourmets

Do you think you only know a city when you have tasted all its culinary specialities? Welcome to St Tropez! On the menu: grilled fish, extra-fresh seafood and Tropezian tart. All washed down with a fresh rosé of Provence, of course.

1. Breathe in the fragrances of Place des Lices

On Tuesday and Saturday mornings, on the famous Place des Lices, the pétanque players give way to the colourful stalls of the market gardeners. The scent of spices mixes with that of marinated olives, Provencal spreads, fruit and vegetables. Lose yourself between the victuals and don't resist the urge to take home a real Corsican sausage or a melon gorged with sugar.

The most greedy will stop at the terrace of La Table Tropézienne to taste the house speciality: the Tropezian tart. Choose the classic one, with its smooth cream, or try the recipe with fresh raspberries, a delight.


2. Taste the best bouillabaisse of St Tropez

Insiders are unanimous: Chez Camille serves the best bouillabaisse in St Tropez. It is cooked according to the rules of the art, over a wood fire, with the catch of the day. As soon as you arrive on the terrace, you are surrounded by the fragrant smells of Provencal products: olive oil, thyme, sun-drenched tomatoes, saffron…

While waiting to taste it, we marvel at the fish of the creeks spread out before our eyes: the Rascasse, the Saint-Pierre, the Grondin and of course, the Capon. For a very refined lunch, opt for the bouillabaisse royale, with lobsters. With a glass of Château Peyrassol rosé, please.

Check out our favourite restaurants in St Tropez.


Things to do in St Tropez for the whole family

Who said St Tropez wasn't made for family holidays? Between sea bathing and sweet specialities, St Tropez is the perfect destination for luxury France holidays with children of all ages.

1. Participate in a petanque tournament

Here, pétanque is a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. We meet in the shade of the plane trees of the Place des Lices, before lunch or at aperitif time, to watch the elders play. Listen carefully to their advice before you set off, and organise a family petanque tournament. It is the youngest who has the privilege of throwing the jack.

One game, then two, sipping a pastis or a homemade strawberry syrup for the little ones… The game whets the appetite, so join the beach of Les Salins, hidden away in the shelter of the citadel, and the restaurant of the same name. Between two sand castles, children can devour delicious pizzas while parents can enjoy a seafood platter.


2. Eat an ice cream at the port

End the day with a stroll around the old port. Make a stop at our favourite ice cream parlour: Barbarac, with its traditional ice creams, just like in Italy. You can hesitate for a long time in front of the flavours, from the unavoidable chocolate to the surprising lavender. The little ones are irresistibly attracted by the azure blue and the regressive taste of Smurf ice cream.

Cone in hand, climb the ramparts and walk to the lighthouse. From this promontory you have a breathtaking view of the village. You can admire the boats moored in the port, and those, even more impressive, at anchor in the bay of Sainte Maxime.


Things to do in St Tropez for adventurers

Best known for its heavenly beaches, colourful houses and beautiful people, St Tropez is nevertheless a destination of choice if you have a thirst for adventure. Nestled on a peninsula jutting out into the wide blue expanses of the Mediterranean, the village of St Tropez is the ideal starting point for discovering the wild landscapes of the region.

1. Explore the Cap Taillat nature reserve

This is our paradise in St Tropez. Rent a kayak near the beach of l'Escalet and paddle to the nature reserve of Cap Taillat. The scenery is breathtaking… but it has to be earned. It takes a lot of energy to reach the sandy beach.

Then comes the hour of idleness. Land on the sand and jump into the turquoise water. All you have to do is bask in the sun. If you're lucky, you might come across an itinerant ice cream vendor.


2. Setting sail

Embark on a sailboat in the early morning and let yourself be carried away by the waves. Head for the islands, Porquerolles for snorkeling or Port Cros for wilderness lovers. Along the way, you may come across a family of dolphins, who have come to race the boats.

Anchor off the coast and swim to the beach. Don't forget your mask and snorkel, to meet the fish that inhabit the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.


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