Discover the best place to stay: South Corsica dreaming

Nestled amongst the historical towns, beneath the mighty peaks, and near the paradisiacal beaches, there are some amazing holiday homes to indulge in.
Discover the best place to stay: South Corsica dreaming
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Endeavouring to find a place of sandy serenity or natural beauty in Corsica is an effortless task. Turquoise waters are the hem to this timelessly stunning island in the Mediterranean. Despite being a small island, the fourth largest in the Mediterranean, its varying landscape promises bounteous opportunity for exploration, allowing each day on the Isle of Beauty to be different, if you so choose. 

Corsica is home to a terrain of contrasts and geographical curiosities. Two-thirds of the island is made up of sharp and impressive mountains; sharp spires that eventually staircase their way beneath the sea's shimmering surface. To the north, there is the desert with oasis-like beaches. Towns and villages, steeped in history, perch on precipitous cliffs and idyllic beaches. The island's south is no exception, with pockets of paradise almost absent-mindedly, magnanimously, scattered across the shores and the mountainous interior.


Which side of Corsica is best?

While it is a place of contrasts, it's also a place of joyous union. The island's French and Italian history come together in the delectable cuisine; hot hikes in the mountains are punctuated by cooling dips in the rock pools; jagged and sheer cliffs are set against the stillness of the sea below.

While neither side is categorically better than the other, finding the right side for you depends entirely on what you are looking for. The south is a place of relative ease, while the north's wild and rugged beauty is a place well-suited to nature lovers. South Corsica, in particular, is home to some of the island's most picturesque beaches, historical towns and awe-inspiring summits. Find the best places to stay in Corsica for you to visit all the amazing sites on offer in the beautiful south.

The best day trips for south Corsica adventures

Tucked-away turquoise waters

Some of the best beaches on the island are more difficult to reach. The effort is well worth the reward, especially during the summer if you are hoping to dodge the busier bays. Read more on our favourite South Corsica beaches.


In this sheltered cove stillness prevails. The craggy coastline cradles a quiet, remote arch of sand; waters so clear as to almost render goggles unnecessary. The beach is near the town of Bonifacio, but its quietness owes to the fact that it is only accessible by a 45-minute walk or by boat. 


A cove of wild and untouched serenity, Cala di Conca is accessible only on foot and by boat. The narrow inlet provides shelter from the coastal winds, leaving the water crystalline and great for swimming. If you are looking for peace and quiet on your Corsica holidays, visit this small beach. 

Spend summer days on Santa Giulia

The pearl of Corsica's south, Santa Giulia is an effortlessly beautiful bay with a sweeping crescent white sand beach. Whether exploring the waters through a pair of goggles, or atop a horse that kicks up that sand in the wake of its trot, or from one of the welcoming bars and cafes on the shoreline, there is bliss to be found. Read more about Santa Giulia, Corsica, here.


Explore the birthplace of Napoleon 

Meander the streets of the attractive Corsican capital, Ajaccio. Discover the rich history of the island by visiting Napoleon Bonaparte's ancestral home, which is now a museum, or marvel at the 16th-century baroque cathedral. The old town has a grand air to it, with the citadel's walls lacing the coast. There are a number of great restaurants and attractions in Ajaccio, making it a great place for a day trip. The city is surrounded by the natural

Improve your experience in one of our favourite villas

As one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations, it is a no-brainer to ensure we have a number of luxury villa rentals in Corsica for our clients to enjoy. 

Villas with an infinity pool


Nestled against a green-crested mountaintop, Villa Giulietta's large wooden deck makes the Corsican ethos of outdoor living seamless. The large sliding doors allow the fresh scents of summer and sea to flit through the villa, where shelter from summer's swelter awaits. Wake up from your post-lunch nap by dipping in the infinity pool, from where the sea views are simply stunning.


Standing within the villa and gazing out over the terrace, the swimming pool appears to feed straight into the ocean; the rippling blue water simply an extension of the Mediterranean. Villa Catalina fits into its surroundings with an ease that pleases the eye: the stone and wooden facade resemble the ground and vegetation around it, while the lineal roof mimics the plateau of the mountain on which it sits. It is simultaneously earthy and luxurious. 



Just a short walk to the beach


In the tranquil solitude of Corsica's wild side, Domaine Saint-Jean presides with great majesty over a spacious plot amongst the maquis. With ample outdoor space sheltered from the sun, you can spend the summer months padding around the villa awash with the fresh sea breeze. Its wooden exterior boasts several outdoor dining spaces, where you can sip on your coffee admiring the view after a morning dip in the sea. 


With its crisp white sheets and awnings dancing in the wind, and the sea glistening in the bay below, it is difficult to miss the ethereal charm of this seaside villa. The open design of this villa lends to an ethos of sharing in moments: from the pool table to sundowners on the terrace, from snacking in the kitchen to paddling in the pool. Just below Villa Nadia, there is a small beach where quietude prevails. 


Beautiful views right from your terrace


Corsica's inimitable allure is captured in the views from Villa Castagna. Sharp and rolling hills appear across the Gulf of Ajaccio, their peaks sometimes disappearing into a tablecloth of cloud. On still days, the sea stretches out with mirror-like evenness. Inside, the villa has a minimalist glamour. 


Villa A Nepita gazes from its perch, clinging to the mountainside, over the Gulf of Sagone on the western coast of Corsica. Its deck traverses the slopes, hiding treasures such as a fire pit that catches the last rays of light and an outdoor dining area with a barbecue. This villa is unfailingly sleek, with a fisherman-chic finish. 


Explore Le Collectionist to discover the Isle of Beauty. Visit Corsica on your next luxury France holidays.

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