Experience wonder with luxury family holidays in Marrakech

Undertake a sensory journey through the red city of Marrakech with your loved ones. From quad biking in the desert to devouring mouthwatering tagines.
Experience wonder with luxury family holidays in Marrakech
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Marrakech is a doorway into a different reality, an insight into a diverse culture where the colours are brighter and the senses are bombarded with the piquancy of spicy aromas and pleasant landscapes. For children, it is even more exciting.

Around each and every corner lies a new treasure to be unearthed: souks selling intricate crafts and delightfully decorated textiles; hidden alleyways entice with the promise of new adventures; comically gormless camels will inevitably bring a smile to you and your children's faces.  


A Marrakech family holiday is a great opportunity to explore this magical city and learn about the beautiful culture through an entirely different lens, all whilst making memories with your nearest and dearest. Luxury Morocco holidays are perfect for the family, and with Le Collectionist, a babysitter can effortlessly be arranged for you, leaving you to spend romantic evenings in the city, quietly tucked away in one of the area's incredible restaurants.

There are a number of things to do with your kids that will keep the whole family entertained, from camel riding to exploring the foothills of the Atlas mountains. Explore our luxury villa rentals and riads in Marrakech and find one that will be the perfect home for your trip to this Moroccan paradise. 

Camel and quad-bike riding or sidecar excursions

Transition from the lazy swagger atop a majestic camel to racing across the parched sand, palm trees and starkly green patches of grass whizzing past, aboard a quad bike. This activity will have you second guessing who the children in the family are. Watch with great amusement as your children jiggle around on a camel's back with the lurching movement of its gangly gait.


Then fasten your helmet for the ride of your life, in this high-octane adventure of Marrakech's Palmeraie. The Palmeraie is a palm oasis of several hundred trees on the city's outskirts. The tours typically last three hours and make for a great activity to fill the morning. 

Rent a sidecar or two and explore the area with your children perched right next to you, giving you the freedom to create your own itinerary and travel in style.


Splashin' around the villa pool

Villa Saghro is perched in the midst of the Palmeraie, fringing on the Agafay desert and the western parts of Marrakech, a place where the sands extend from the city and the fronded arms of palms praise the bright blue sky. This villa is a haven of greenery and water in the parched landscape, where olive trees and verdant grass surround the swimming pool and red sandstone house. 

For children, this is a place of discovery, where nooks and crannies emerge from brightly coloured walls, and the multi-level layout is crammed with surprises. The rippling turquoise waters of the mosaic swimming pool have an alcove to shelter from the sun, or for children to vanish from their opponents in a game of hide and seek. The garden offers space for the young to run around in, to enjoy the freedom offered by the villa's setting.



Treat yourself to some pampering whilst the children are with the babysitter by unwinding with a treatment from the villa's masseuse or beautician. With a chef to prepare all of your meals, you can spend uninterrupted time with your family, the demands of chores at the wayside.

Arrange a babysitter through your holiday tailor to give you and your partner a night away from the lovable chaos that children engineer. Luxury Marrakech holidays are about delving into the depths of relaxation and happiness, with a backdrop like no other to share in the making of memories. This four-guest villa is perfect for a quiet family holiday to the magnificent Moroccan city's outskirts.

Hot air balloon over the Agafay desert

Spend the morning suspended in utter quietude above the sprawling expanse of desert, as the sun, shyly at first, peeps over the horizon, before taking its post in the sky, submitting to its role of warming the day ahead. The sunrise is spectacular and the breakfast, which is included, will be one of your most memorable.



The view stretches to the face of the High Atlas mountains and back towards the city. Silence only occasionally disrupted by a burst of flame into the cavernous mouth of the bulging balloon. 

Stay in a Riad to explore the city

At Le Collectionist we have a number of elegant riads. In keeping with traditional Moroccan architecture, they are centred around a garden or courtyard, often with a pool at its heart. Riad Marrakech is a chic example of a riad, designed to give peace and quiet from the buzz of the city without having to be removed from its enchanting aura. The courtyard is alive with palms and orange trees, a pool nestled beneath the greenery, providing a cooling atmosphere. It is a refuge from the heat of the day. 

The interior of Riad Marrakech is bright and airy, with large doors leading onto the courtyard and balconies. You will always be able to find a quiet spot to read your book or have an afternoon nap. Marble floors and locally crafted textiles give the riad a sleek finish. It is pristinely decorated with brightly coloured furniture offsetting the white walls and vast black doors.



Four-poster beds, adorning crisp sheets that resemble clouds, look out onto patios through long white curtains that flitter in the gentle breeze. From the rooftop you are greeted with panoramic views of Marrakech, where you can dine in the warming glow of a myriad candles. In the distance, the white-capped High Atlas mountains tower over the great plain.

In the cool of the early evenings venture out to Djemma el-Fnaa to bear witness to the wondrous array of local performances, from snake charmers to fire breathers. For children, this is a mystical, otherworldly place. From the riad you can meander the ancient Medina, seeking the city's offerings in souks and restaurants. Dine out on tagines of Moroccan lamb and local spices, or grab a lunchtime bite from one of the delicious street-food stalls. 

Spend the day learning about the city and its geography with the hop-on hop-off bus tours, or take a day trip to walk in the mountains and see the local villages. Ourigane and Asni are within an hour's drive from the city. Speak to your villa manager to arrange whatever you would like to spend your day doing. 

Explore Le Collectionist to find your next destination for a family holiday. Alternatively, discover other great destinations family-friendly holidays and peruse our collection of family villas for rent.


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