Guide to Verbier: Glamour and wild beauty in the Swiss Alps

To be in Verbier is not only to indugle in merriment and luxury, but also to experience the sheer majesty and brilliance of the vertiginous Alps. With this guide you can plunge into Verbier feet first.
Guide to Verbier: Glamour and wild beauty in the Swiss Alps
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Dawn breaks over the Val de Bagnes. The little chapel of Mauvoisin has the air of a mountain refuge, one of those precious shelters where the hearth is always warm on stormy nights. Its whitewashed walls are flushed bright red by the first rays of the rising sun.


Turn to face the Haut Val de Bagnes nature park and watch in wonder as, beyond the morning mist, the lights of Verbier begin to flicker out. It’s time to set off on the narrow path that leads to the summit. The morning air is crisp and dry, summer and winter alike, as you make your way over the rugged rocks which lead to the Mauvoisin dam.

Mont-Gelé is several valleys away, and yet there she is standing tall, proudly surveying the Domaine du Valais. Her grand silhouette seems much less imposing from aboard the Attelas cable car… Seen from the Lac de Mauvoisin, the summit forms a pair with Le Voisin, that forbidding granite façade criss-crossed by the boldest free riders. It’s no coincidence that Dominique Perret, considered the best off-piste skier of the century, set up home here in Verbier.


The landscape is a succession of inaccessible crests and vertiginous slopes, a natural playground for adrenaline junkies. After passing through the caves beneath the Mauvoisin dam and clambering up the ladders sealed into the rock face by mountain guides, you finally arrive at the Giétro shelter, last stop before the ascension to Grande Ashle. Up here the edelweiss are not just a cliché: there are so many that you could almost mistake them for banks of snow.

These little white flowers are the emblem of Verbier, and you’ll find them everywhere: embroidered into the table cloths of restaurants, painted onto shop signs and adorning the wooden friezes which run around the farmer’s chalets. But it is up here amid the highest peaks, in the company of the ibex who wander the moraines and the mountaineers setting out to conquer the glaciers, that you truly appreciate the local fascination with this delicate little flower in the form of a snowflake.

The edelweiss serves as a welcome reminder that Verbier is first and foremost a paragon of untamed natural beauty, in spite of its well-manicured ski runs and vibrant nightlife. Its reputation as one of the best luxury holiday destinations in the Alps is only ancillary to its wild beauty.



Though many of the old alpine farms are now plush chalets, those in the know still meet up at the Milk Bar. This Verbier institution, established in 1936, still evokes the spirit of the great outdoors, and the special warmth that can only be found in a bowl of steaming hot chocolate among friends. Snuggled up amid the solid pine décor, revel in the aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon as you listen to one of the owner’s many anecdotes; soaking up the spirit of a truly authentic mountain resort, the hallmark of Verbier.

With this luxury travel guide, you can make the most of your luxury holidays in Verbier.

When to Visit Verbier: WINTER 

Few mountain resorts can truthfully boast that they have no off-season: but Verbier is one of them. In winter, Verbier is famous for its 27 ski slopes and maze of snow-shoe hiking trails. Free-ride enthusiasts, meanwhile, flock to the Xtreme Verbier contest held in late March/early April.


While we love Verbier in winter, summer is a spectacle to behold. As the snow melts in Verbier, the white winter blanket is lifted to show lush green meadows beneath. A natural summer playground is revealed, just waiting to be explored by those ‘in the know’. It is truly mind-blowing to see the same mountains you skied in winter, covered in wildflowers rather than snow! On top of offering a handful of off-piste activities, the air is crisp, the scenery unparalleled, and you get to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most underrated summer cultures.

Explore our chalets in Verbier

Make yourself at home in one of our luxury chalets in Verbier, where all modern conveniences and irresistible Swiss charm meet in retro style. Set foot on the balcony or terrace of your chalet, dwarfed by the majestic landscape. In the morning, put your skis on at the doorstep and take to the pistes of the ski resort.

Back at your chalet in Verbier, warm up by the open fire with a hot cup of tea or in the comfort of your bedroom or cosy spa. Explore Verbier Nestled at the foot of the mountains in the canton of Le Valais, Verbier is one of Switzerland’s most famous winter sports resorts. The village is surrounded by the vast 4 Vallées territory, which draws skiers from far and wide to its pistes.



In summer, the canton turns into cycling heaven; we like taking off on the winding mountain roads or the rugged forest paths. As the seasons change, hiking boots are switched with snowshoes and the opportunity opens to reconnect with pure Alpine nature. In summer, Verbier chalet rentals allow you to go on a musical escapade. In July, the Verbier Festival takes over the village and classical music echoes in the narrow streets. On ordinary days, enjoy the charming streets and stop to admire the wooden chalets perched on the slopes dotted with fir trees.

Our favourite restaurants in Verbier

Milk Bar

That caramel aroma

Founded in 1936, this venerable Verbier institution is a gourmet’s paradise, serving grand cru hot chocolate in refined surroundings. Whatever brings you to Milk Bar for the first time – the vintage charm of the flower-strewn terrace, or the promise of home-made caramel crêpes – once you’ve experienced it you’re sure to come back.


Extravagant creativity

A name which conjures up images of Asian adventures and Indian cuisine: but don’t be fooled. In this high-altitude chalet, a magician-sculptor and his wife serve up traditional Swiss dishes which are famous throughout the region.


Chez Dany

View of the slopes

Two chalets connected by three terraces that are always packed: people flock to Chez Dany for the atmosphere, but what keeps them coming back is the delicious duck breast cooked over hot stones.

Laiterie de Lourtier

Ancestral expertise

Step through the doors of the Lourtier dairy and discover one of the Alps’ best kept secrets, the cheese-making know-how which gives us Raclette du Valais AOC. Beneath the vaulted ceilings of the maturing cellars, the artisan cheesemakers explain the origins of the distinctive floral notes we associate with Raclette du Valais, made with milk from the Alpine meadows of Charmontagne.


Le Fer à cheval

An eclectic canteen

Just off the Place Centrale, this welcoming diner provides comfort and sustenance for hikers off to tackle the Haute Route as well as snowboarders freshly descended from the peaks. The clientele is eclectic but the atmosphere is warm and friendly, with oven-fired pizzas and home-made specialities that everyone can agree on.

Farm Club

Glamorous dress code

Since 1971, anyone who’s anyone in Verbier has put on their glad rags for an evening at the Farm Club. Strut down the red carpet which leads into this glitzy bar-club, and into a world where skiing gear is replaced by sequin gowns and three-piece suits.

Pub Mont-Fort

The ultimate après-ski


Pub Mont-Fort is the ultimate after-ski bar. Snuggle up under the heaters out on the terrace, and gaze out over the valley as you warm yourself up with a Dark’n’Stormy, a devilish blend of rum and ginger beer.

Experience Verbier

Become the leader of the pack

Holding the reins of a pack of huskies, dash through the frozen landscape with a local musher. Feel the rushing strength of these powerful and mystical canines as you glide through the fresh snow. The brumal landscape slips past, snow sliced by sliding wood, as a cloud of fog rises from your string of panting dogs like the trail of a steam train. It is a thrilling way to spend an afternoon in Verbier. 


Musée de Bagnes

Its chalk-white silhouette appears to blend into the wintery surroundings. The former clergy house for the county of Bagnes, whose foundations date back to the 13th century, now hosts exhibitions of contemporary art in this elegant medieval setting.

Fly between snow and sky

Fly away for a speed-flying adventure. With skis on your feet, jump into the void with our guide and drift above the snow-dusted treetops and immense valleys below. 


Climb an icy torrent

Put on your spiked shoes to storm the Bonatchiesse’s ice falls. For new or experienced climbers, this will prove an exhilarating undertaking, leaving you feel like a true conqueror. 


With Le Collectionist, arranging a Swiss Alps holiday to the winter wonderland or the summery mountain dreamscape of Verbier has never been easier. Explore the gastronomic variety on and off the slopes and peruse our array of splendid villa rentals in Verbier to springboard your next Verbier ski holidays.

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