Top 10 Beaches in Corsica: Our Secret Spots

Nearly half of the island, including some of that coastline, is within a protected natural park. This makes for some beautiful beaches - our top 10 beaches in Corsica are those that are more off the beaten track.

A relatively undiscovered jewel of the Mediterranean, Corsica has some stunning nature, including more than 1,000 kilometers of coastline. Nearly half of the island, including some of that coastline, is within a protected natural park. This makes for some beautiful beaches, many of which are deservedly popular. But our top 10 beaches in Corsica are those that are more off the beaten track.

That said, if you like a trendy beach, we get that too. And in that case, Saint-Cyprien might be right your speed.

While most of island’s most popular sandy beaches are in the south, even there, you can find some of our top 10 beaches in Corsica—that is, the ones that feel more special and secret. In the west, rugged nature and isolated beaches reign supreme, with many of the best swaths of sand reachable only by boat or a hike. The north is another wild paradise for those who seek relaxation away from the crowds.

Top Beaches in Corsica’s South

The South is Corsica’s tourism center, and truth be told, some of the most famous beaches can feel a little too busy. But if you know where to look, you can find some peaceful spots.

top 10 beaches in corsica bonifacio

La Chiesa Beach, Lavezzi Islands

Reached by boat from Bonifacio, La Chiesa beach on Lavezzi Island has zero development on it—it’s even bring-your-own-trash bag. It’s a heavily protected island with excellent bird and marine life, soft white sand, and perfectly clear turquoise waters.

San Giovianni Beach

It can be difficult to find San Giovianni Beach, in the Gulf of Figari, as there are a lot of trees beside the road, which can obscure the entrance. But that keeps the crowds away, and the beach tends to be quiet and wild. It’s bordered by large rocks and a Genoese tower. There are several coves with fine sand, and a good seabed for spotting fish while snorkeling.

Fazziò Beach

You didn’t expect the best, most isolated beaches to be easy to reach, did you? Getting to Fazziò requires walking for about an hour along the Strada Vecia path. The terrain is scrubby with lots of wildlife and some lovely viewpoints. The beach itself is in a cove with steep hills all around it, leading some to compare it to a fjord.

Top Beaches in Corsica’s West  

The coast of the Scandola natural reserve is a UNESCO protected site, and parts of the west coast are reachable only by boat. This makes for some spectacular, less-visited beaches.

top 10 beaches in corsica west

Portigliolo Beach

Outside of high season, there’s a good chance you could have a stretch of Portigliolo Beach almost all to yourself. Its sand stretches more than two kilometers in a preserved environment. It’s at the mouth of the Rizzanese stream, and it has several ponds around it. The few entrances are not easy to find.

top 10 beaches in corsica coast

Isolella West Cove

Peace and quiet are the calling cards for the western point of Isolella. The cove’s beaches, including Plage Ste Barbe, Plage Stagnole, and Anse Medea, has a combination of sand and pebbles, and limited parking. If those aren’t turnoffs for you, it is a fine place to relax by the sea.

Capo di Feno

The Ajaccio region in general offers a great combination of scenic walking trails and long stretches of gorgeous white beaches. Capo di Feno, near the Gulf of Ajaccio, is actually two beaches. The larger one is known to be a prime surfing spot in Corse-du-Sud. But the smaller one on the other side of a field, Petit Capo, is little known and can feel very private.

top 10 beaches in corsica sand

Top Beaches in Corsica’s North

Since most of Corsica’s tourism activity takes place in the south, the northern coast of the island generally tends to be a good place for nature lovers and those who simply want to relax in a beautiful place. Many of the beaches have a wild and unspoiled feeling.

top 10 beaches in corsica north

Lotu Beach

The best way to reach Lotu Beach is by ferry from Saint-Florent, a lovely journey of about 30 minutes. It has white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters, and not much else. There’s no tourist infrastructure, and the one small bar is located a five-minute walk away, along a seaside path.

Nonza Beach

Completely unlike any of the other top beaches in Corsica, Nonza Beach is made up of dark gray pebbles. The curious color is the result of the beach’s proximity to an old asbestos extraction plant. They say safety checks have been carried out and the beach doesn’t pose a danger. That said, the dark color isn’t ideal for a day of sunbathing. Rather, you come here to see it, and maybe to add to the collection of artworks that visitors have made by placing white rocks among the black ones.

Lozari de Belgodère Beach

One of the longest sandy beaches in Balagne, Lozari de Belgodère Beach stretches about a kilometer and a half. Although none of it is empty and secret, the tourist activity tends to center on the northern part, which has many nautical activities centers. But the south is more rugged and wild.

top 10 beaches in corsica rocky

Ficajola Beach

The most easily accessible of the beaches in Corsica’s gorgeous Calanques de Piana, Ficajola is reached via a ten-minute walk from the car park. The beach itself is small and made of pebbles. There are also tours available from Porto that allow you to discover Ficajola Beach and the others of the region from the sea.

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