A Provence luxury villa transformed by a design couple

A villa that boasts exceptional interiors that merge old and new, thanks to the design of an architect and interior design couple who fell in love with the magic of the sun in the region of Provence.

Imagine being on your way to your luxury villa vacation in Provence. However, it’s a little different than what you initially pictured. Driving through a small dirt road, then being in the middle of a field, afraid of where you’d end up. Suddenly all worries are left in the dust as the estate comes to view. As the massive gates open it doors and you drive through, you are greeted with a remarkable sight.

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When you imagine this luxury vacation, you probably would expect that the place at least has an address. However, arriving at Mas du Moulin is an immersive experience in itself. The villa has no address, and for directions you are only given GPS coordinates. This is a recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Unusual origins

Tucked in a beautiful village called Maussane-les-Alpilles in the province Alpilles in Provence, sits Mas du Moulin. A magnificent 17th century home in Provence that was purchased and transformed by a husband and wife into a grand villa. The husband being an architect, and wife an interior designer, the couple had a unique vision for the space.

“It was a different vision of Provence, more contemporary, which we wanted to convey to the place”

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The owners initially purchased only a part of the land but were eventually able to acquire the entire home. They soon started to realise their plan for the renovation of the villa that was found nowhere else in the region. The building was previously an oil mill that was built on a field with over 300 olive trees. Then over time, the entire space was transformed into the Provence luxury villa that it is today.

Mas du Moulin is now a love story of what the south of France represents to the husband and wife through modern touches. It boasts classic French gardens surrounding the plane trees and fountains that beg to be explored. Plus grand reception rooms that are best enjoyed with family and friends, and immaculately decorated bedrooms.

A contemporary touch

Entering the estate, you’re greeted with rich marble floors and a beautiful staircase. Strikingly modern for such a French estate in the South, but still charming in it’s own way. Once you enter one of the reception areas, you’re greeted with bright light, high ceilings and arched mouldings that bask in the sun-lit interiors. As you roam the room, your eyes are immediately drawn to a large object, blending in the room but obviously distinct from the rest of the decor. It’s one of the large original mills of the estate, still standing proud to showcase its heritage. A unique feeling settles, of a perfect blend of old and new as you walk through the villa.

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Walking through each space of the home is like discovering a new sanctuary. Every room, through its design, evokes a different emotion through an array of striking colour and architectural features. At one point you’re greeted with stark interiors and cold marble, and in others you find terracotta and a more rustic feeling.

A memorable room in the villa, is the bar. The doorway is arched, with weathered mirrored doors. They slide open and you’re immediately greeted with a painting of a man with a cigarette. A Provence-yellow pin-tucked retro couch sits front and centre, with dark textured walls enclosing the space. Come sit down, have a drink, enjoy with a friend and disconnect from reality. It’s an area of the villa that really encapsulates the feeling that the owners wanted in creating this Provence luxury villa.

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Provincial charm

Each bedroom in the house also has a different view for every taste. You could wake up to see the iconic Chateau des Baux-de-Provence or maybe the centenarian plane trees. You also have the choice of waking to the fountain, the French gardens, or the horses. No matter which room you choose, you’ll always have a stunning view that is a literal window to the stunning provincial scenery. It’s a thoughtful aspect in the design of the home, and really makes each room unique in its own way.

“Provence has a connection to India. Since all the fabrics came from India, the designs on the fabrics are Indian” we were told by the owner. You’ll sometimes walk through a room, and a beautiful chair will catch your eye. As you step closer, you recognise it as a typical Provence print. However, not many people know that it isn’t a French print at all. It’s an interesting bit that kept us engaged in trying to see which of these luxurious fabrics and textures were sprinkled around the villa’s bedrooms.

The authentic Provence experience

Aside from its obvious beauty and grandeur, the villa was designed to encourage an authentic lifestyle through the entire stay. Some mornings can be spent picking at the vegetable garden for the meals of the day. The amusement of taking your eggs from the hen house is an unforgettable experience. It’s these moments of simplicity while still being immersed in a special home that make a stay at this luxury villa in Provence special.

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When staying at Mas du Moulin you have an endless array of ways to spend your time. With a walk in the French gardens to discover the fountains. Or a nap outdoors while being serenaded to sleep by the song of the birds. You could admire the centenary olive trees that tell a story of the history of the villa. Maybe take a dip in the warmth of the heated pool. Or you could simply sit under the shade of the pergola.

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Extraordinary sun

The goal of the designers in the complete renovation of Mas du Moulin into a Provence luxury villa was for guests to feel good at any time of the day. Whether it be by the pool, in the bedroom, or out in the gardens, each space is made to be enjoyed. This was done by keeping in mind what brought the couple to Provence in the first place; because of the sun and the extraordinary change of light that is found nowhere else in the world.

“Here you feel good at any time of the day, and seeing how the light changes is incredible”

The entire space, in and out, is meant to amplify the richness of the Provençal sun that the couple fell in love with. A sense of peace is the feeling that the villa is meant to bring and it is one that is indescribable. Through the home, the light, and the experiences, it is truly paradise.

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